lycoris traubii

lycoris traubii

Learn about Lycoris traubii, Traub''s Surprise Lily

Lycoris traubii is one of the great garden geophytes (bulbous plants) that hail from the floristically rich island of Taiwan. This Octoberflowering surprise lily produces an 18" tall stalk topped with 47 brilliant goldenorange, spidery flowers, held at a 90 degree angle to the stalk.

Lycoris traubii, International Plant Names Index

Lycoris traubii Hayward, Pl. Life (Stanford) xiii. 41 (1957). POWO . Contact us about this record. IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID) Publication Plant life. Stanford, CA Collation xiii. 41 (1957). Family as entered in IPNI Amaryllidaceae Original Data Remarks Formosa

Lycoris TRAUBII (Japanese Source)

Although sold as Lycoris Aurea, these bulbs from Japan are most likely Lycoris Traubii. This means they are more cold hardy than the standard Lycoris Aurea bulbs from India, and seed fertile. Frequently the foliage doesn''t start comming up until December.

New lycorinetype alkaloid from Lycoris traubii and

Lycoris traubii Hayward (Amaryllidaceae) was harvested from the medicinal plant garden of Chiba University in June 2006 (aerial part 0.87 kg, and bulbs 2.67 kg), and identified by Dr. F. Ikegami, Chiba University. A voucher specimen was deposited at

New lycorinetype alkaloid from Lycoris traubii and

A new lycorine derivative LT1 (4) was isolated from the aerial part and bulbs of Lycoris traubii Hayward (Amaryllidaceae). Its structure including absolute configuration was established by spectroscopic analysis and semisynthesis to be 1O (3''S)hydroxybutanoyllycorine.

Lycoris traubiiはどんな植物?Weblio辞書

● ユリ科 ヒガンバナ属 の 多年草 で、 学名 は Lycoris traubii。 英名は Golden spider lily, Yellow spider lily 。

Lycoris aurea, the golden spider lily – Botany Boy

There is some confusion concerning the naming of this plant and the closely related Lycoris traubii. Sources commonly report L. aurea being a plant of south China, but also having a range extending into parts of Indochina, Taiwan, and southern Japan.

リコリス(園芸種) Lycoris hybrid ヒガンバナ科

Lycoris traubii W.Hayw. ショウキズイセン 鍾馗水仙 Lycoris aurea 日本(四国、九州)、台湾に分布。 2n=12 , 13 , 14.。 14 ハイブリッド Lycoris hybrid (hybrid surprise lily) (1) Lycoris × caldwelli Traub カルドウエリー (L. chinensis × L. longituba )

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