yukio shakunaga

yukio shakunaga

I Visited the Atelier of the Famous Ceramic Artist Whom

Yukio Shakunaga’s pottery is made from about 10 tons of white clay found in Toyama. The bowl of jet black represents the universe. The pottery imitating surface of the water at the peak of Tsurugidake represents the heavens.

Yukio Shakunaga & Yo Shakunaga Ceramic Art Exhibition

Yukio Shakunaga & Yo Shakunaga Ceramic Art Exhibition by Father and Daughter Kakiden Gallery. Tweet. This event has ended. Media. Crafts; Ceramics; ADVERTISE ON TAB. Schedule. from July 06, 2021 to July 12, 2021 . Artist(s) Yukio Shakunaga, Yo Shakunaga.

Ikigai – Reason for being – My Zen Path

He was particularly fond of an artisan Yukio Shakunaga famous for his porcelain work. Jobs was curious about the fabrication process and type of porcelain that Shakunaga used. Shakunaga explained that he himself extracted white porcelain from the mountains.

We spent hours taking photos in factories full of people

It was not, however, an artisan from Kyoto who won Steve Jobs’s devotion, but rather a takumi from Toyama named Yukio Shakunaga, who used a technique called Etchu Setoyaki, known by only a few. On a visit to Kyoto, Jobs heard of an exhibition of Shakunaga’s work.

5 Best Places to Buy Ceramics in Kyoto Japan Objects

Asahido Honten is located near the renowned Kiyomizuderu temple, which is known for its phenomenal views, and extravagant shopping plaza.This shop follows the ageold kilning process of the local area, which involves producing pieces in small volumes and a wide variety to assure topquality results.The staff is well versed in English, and will even send your purchases overseas with the utmost

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