putra kameshti yagna story in telugu

putra kameshti yagna story in telugu

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Putrakameshti Yagam or Santhana Gopala Yagam

The earliest reference to Putrakameshti Yajna can be seen in Ramayana. Dasharatha, the king of Ayodya and a descendant of the Ikshvaku dynasty, performed the yajna upon the advice of Vashishta Maharshi. The homa was done under the supervision Rishyasringa or Shringi Rishi, who was an expert in Yajurveda.

Birth of Lord Rama – Dasharatha’s Place of Putrakameshti

Putrakameshti Yagna is a special offering to the gods. It is performed for the sake of having a son. The guidelines for performing this yagna is mentioned in the ancient veda. In the Hindu Epic Ramayana, King Dasharatha performs this special yagna with help of Sage Rishyasringa.

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Putra Kameshti Homa. Putrakameshti is a special yagna performed in hinduism for the sake of having a male child. Putrakameshti yagnam or Santana gopala homam is dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu. Maha Vishnu bestowed the knowledge of this homa to Sanatkumara. Sanatkumara later on instructed this yagna knowledge to sage Bodhayana.

Putra Kameshti YagyaRam Janmotsav MP3 Song

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King Dasaratha wishes to do a big sacrifice called the Putra Kameshti with the desire that he would beget sons to be his predecessors. He had, however, a

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Any person, who reads Srimad Ramayana casually, and who views films and TV serials produced and developed by persons with halfbaked knowledge, will say Yes the putrakaameshthi yagna was performed however, a conscious and serious

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Dressed in the traditional white panche, or dhoti, paired with a salmon pink kurta and angavastram, artist Raghupathi Bhat is intently painting the scene of King Dasharath’s putra kameshti yagna

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