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同时还具有杀伤弹的作用。该弹用于M551 Sheridan 轻型坦克 M81E1 Rifled gun 。该弹的主要特点是为克服弹丸旋转给破甲带来的不利影响,采用了错位抗旋药型罩,这样既可以提高射击精度,又不影响破加威力。采用压电

152mm Gunlauncher AR/AAV M551 Sheridan

The MGM51 Shillelagh missile was a SACLOS infraredguided missile fitted with a shapedcharge warhead. MGM51B extended the maximum range to 3km from the MGM51A''s 2km, and the MGM51C was fitted with a shorter key compatible with the M81E1 gunlauncher.


考虑到“橡树棍”弹体较大,北约的105mm亦或者是120mm口径主炮均无法对其完成发射,所以M551“谢里登”空降式轻型坦克是它最好的伙伴,这种坦克安装的是一门152mm M81E1(E9)线膛炮,或者称之为“152杀虫剂”。

坦克世界闪击战:谢里登 萌娘百科 万物皆可萌的百科全书

乘员中,驾驶员坐在车体正中,车长、炮手和装填手则挤在一个狭小的炮塔内。. 谢里登最特殊的是它的M81E1短管线膛炮,可以发射导弹或者特殊的常规弹药。. 因为初速太低,所以这门火炮只发射HE弹,穿甲能力由MGM51橡树棍导弹提供。. 这种1964年开始生产的

M551 SHERIDAN Main Battle tank, World Defense

The M81E1 Rifled cannon was a short barrel, able to fire either missiles or tailored ammunitions for fire support. Due to the unfavorable velocity ratio, only traditional HE rounds were fired, for infantry support, while the AP capability was entirely provided by the new Shillelagh missile system.

M551 Armored Reconnaissance/Airborne Assault Vehicle

M551 vehicles equipped with the M81 gun/launcher employ a CO2 bore and breech scavenging system to clear the gun/launcher of residue and/or gases resulting from firing. Later vehicles are equipped with the M81E1 gun/launcher, which employs a compressed air closed breech scavenging system for the same purpose.

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