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Drarry Oneshots Fanfiction. Just a bunch of cute fluff, angst and smut oneshots ~ each one will be labelled :) (There will possibly be Blairon/Bleville, Pansmione, Wolfstar, ect.) Trigger warnings will be placed at the top of any necessary chapters + any kinks, or magic animal...

Slughorn''s Christmas Party: A fluffy Drarry oneshot, a

The hem of Potter''s robes disappeared around a corner as he joined the rest of the merry party goers. Draco, reluctant to move from his hideaway, stood and swept off into the shadows of the castle. With long strides, he took the stairs two at a time. Why would he

Fanfic: Drarry Smut, Harry Potter, FanFiction

Draco half yelled, half laughed. Grinning briefly, Harry placed one finger over Draco''s entrance and rubbed the lube over it before sticking one finger in. "More," Draco said in a halfwhisper. Harry slid in another finger and began to move them back and forth.

História Blue Stars Drarry História escrita por i

História. Blue Stars Drarry. s vezes, quando você no quer acreditar em algo, sua mente ajuda você a se enganar. um mecanismo de defesa. Mas chega uma hora em que isso deixa de funcionar, e você é simplesmente obrigado a olhar e encarar a verdade, seja ela qual for. E eu simplesmente no conseguia entender a verdade que via diante

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