boston terrier and yorkie mix

boston terrier and yorkie mix

Boston Yorkie, Boston Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier Mix

The mix between Yorkshire Terrier and Boston Terrier is rare and is just recently discovered. Boston Yorkie has two purebred parents, so they are considered as firstgeneration or F1 mix. F1 mix means that they have half of the genes from their parents. In most cases, the Boston Terrier becomes the mother, and the father is the Yorkshire Terrier.

The Boston Terrier Yorkie Mix Guide fynnandfriends

The Boston Terrier breed is by standard, a mediumsized dog while the Yorkshire Terrier comes in a small package. The Boston Terrier Yorkie mix inherited their weight on their Boston Terrier parent and its features on the Yorkie side. Their approximate weight is 10 25 lbs. and has an average height of 9

Boston Yorkie, Dog Breed Facts and Information Wag!

The character and personality of the Boston Yorkie will be a mix of both his parents. The Boston Terrier is a friendly dog but the Yorkie is sometimes shy with strangers. The Boston Yorkie will make a good watch dog. Your pup will be a spunky, intelligent and rowdy little guy.

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