karingali medicinal plant

karingali medicinal plant

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“Karingali is effective at reducing the number of migrainations in women and in men, and in some cases it has been shown to improve migraine symptomatology.” According to Czennias team, the herb Karedali Plantas main medicinal properties are as follows: It has a stimulating and relaxing effect, and it has antiinflammatory properties.

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The extraction of leaf is a good medicine for Asthma and cough. It is a good medicine to stop internal and external bleedings like bleeding gums, piles and peptic ulcers. It is a good ingredient in decoctions for all types of fever due to kapha and pitta doshas.

Acacia catechu KHADIRA Indian medicinal plants

Acacia catechu KHADIRA Botanical Name— Acacia catechu Willd. Family MIMOSOIDEAE . Names in different languages. HindiKhaira; English Cutch tree; Telugu Chandra; TamilKarangalli; Kannada, MalayalamKaringali


(Fam – Mimosaceae; Eng – Cutch tree; Mal – Karingali; Sans – Khadira) is an important medicinal plant used in Ayurveda for so many diseases and commonly for mother and child healthcare. The plant is a moderate sized, deciduous tree up to 3m high and distributed

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Medicinal Properties: The plant has a number of historical medicinal uses. This plant contains Aristolochic acid is a rodent carcinogen found in Aristolochia and Asarum, both in the Aristolochiaceae family of plants. In addition to its carcinogenicity, aristolochic acid is also highly nephrotoxic and may be a causative agent in Balkan nephropathy.

Medicinal Plant

Medicinal Plant(中文译名:《药用植物》) 是经美国国会图书馆批准出版的英文学术期刊,创办于2010年,双月刊,国际刊号:ISSN ,国际公开发。该刊报道内容涉及中草药生药炮制、药用植物化学成分分析及有效成分提取、药用机理

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Scientific studies revealed that the medicinal properties of the plant are best manifested in plants growing in the natural habitat. TBGRI suggested that as only leaves of the plant are needed, several harvests could be made from the perennial plant without actually destroying it.

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