phenotropic programming

phenotropic programming

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I recently ran across an idea put forth by Jaron Lanier called "phenotropic programming." The idea is to use ''surface'' interfaces instead of single point interfaces in computer programs utilizing statistics to winnow out minor errors that would typically cause a "classical" program to catastrophically crash. The twoline description is here:

Phenotropics P2P Foundation

"There is an emerging kind of programming that has been practiced by diverse people like robot builders, experimental userinterface designers, and machinevision experts. These people had to find ways for a computer to interface with the physical world, and it turns out that doing so demands a very different, more adaptable approach.

Interview with Jaron Lanier on "Phenotropic" Development

Sky Lemon writes "An interview with Jaron Lanier on Sun''s Java site discusses ''phenotropic'' development versus our existing set of software paradigms. According to Jaron, the ''real difference between the current idea of software, which is protocol adherence, and the idea [he is] discussing, pattern recognition, has to do with the kinds of errors we''re creating'' and if ''we don''t find a

Psychology of Programming Interest Group

Phenotropic Programming Clayton Lewis PDF. Modeling cognitive processes underlying computer programming Programming skills, visual layout design, and unjustifiably useful testing: Three reports in the psychology of programming. Steve Draper

Nicholaus Gutierrez on Alternative Programming

I then looked at two experimental research projects, “phenotropic programming” and “harmonyoriented programming,” as potential examples for how programming could be embodied using visual and tactile interfaces, or as alternatives to the Westernstyle of object taxonomy that is built in to the very structure of something like object

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[解決方法が見つかりました!] Lanierは、特定の識別可能な特性を持つコンピュータープログラムを作成するための計算モデルを説明する特定のアイデアのセットにネットをキャストしようとして、50セントの単語を発明しました。 言葉の意味: 関数呼び出しまたはメッセージ受け渡しの代わり

(PDF) Conscientious software, Ron Goldman

Phenotropic programming language with semantics not like Fortran, C, or Java would computing uses “surfaces” for interfaces rather than direct argu (rationally) require a new hardware platform. In fact, hardware (even in mentbased / protocolbased interfaces. Each component has a struction sets) has changed more than the basic semantic

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