mayella ewell testimony facts imply

mayella ewell testimony facts imply

Mayella Ewell Testimony eNotes

Mayella Ewell Testimony What are the three main points in Mayella Ewell''s testimony in To Kill a Mockingbird In To Kill a Mockingbird, Mayella testifies that Tom Robinson attacked her on the porch...

Why does Mayella Ewell lie on the witness stand

Mayella Ewell lies on the witness stand because she is afraid of her father, Bob Ewell, and because she is humiliated by her own attraction to Tom Robinson. She tells the jury that Tom beat and raped her when, in fact, it was her father who beat her when

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what do the facts imply about bob wells testimony 1. the fact that there was no medical examination shows that there was no proof of rape and also that bob does not care about mayella. 2. he agrees that the person who attacked mayella used both hands. 3. bob ewell beat his daughter.

The CrossExamination of Mayella Ewell

the whole story of Mayella in . To Kill a Mockingbird, or all that we can know, we must make inferences that exceed the grasp of the eightyearold Scout. In so doing, we necessarily rely heavily on the trial testimony Atticus Finch elicits in his direct examination of Tom Robinson and his confrontational crossexamination of Mayella.

To Kill a MockingbirdMayellas Motives for Accusing Tom

Mayella Ewell is a nineteen year old girl living at home with her abusive drunk father, and 8 younger brothers and sisters. Her mother died thus leaving her to be the mother figure in the poor household. Mayella accuses twentyfive year old black man Tom Robinson of raping her.

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Character Facts Established What the Facts Imply Sheriff Heck Tate’s Testimony (Ch. 17) 1. Heck Tate tells the prosecutor what happened 2. Atticus asks about Mayella’s injuries. 3.

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Till was a 14yearold AfricanAmerican boy brutally murdered by two white men in August 1955 for allegedly whistling at a white woman in a Mississippi grocery store. Bob Ewell sees Mayella trying to kiss Tom & Tom runs out the door Facts established may indicate or imply (Atticus’ arguments) 1.

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