wtf lyrics

wtf lyrics

WTF Lyrics

Lyrics to WTF by Wiz Khalifa from the Cabin Fever album including song video, artist biography, translations and more!

Still Woozy WTF Lyrics, AZLyrics

"WTF" lyrics. Still Woozy Lyrics "WTF" Love you when my soul is good Love you when my soul is good Love you when my soul is good I can be your darling or you could be too Would you come over darling Come over darling Come over darling, do Come over darling Come over Come over darling, do

Public Enemy WTF Lyrics, AZLyrics

WTF WTF WTF [Flavor Flav] From barack obama to flavor flav We both be a first till we get to our grave I''m the first hype man in music He''s the first black president He''s the first black resident To be ever come president Free your mind your ass will follow Flavor flav all the way to the apollo Freeport li to la Throw a frito olay off the

Heart WTF Lyrics, AZLyrics

"WTF" lyrics. Heart Lyrics "WTF" How much talking does it take Talking ''bout your bad mistakes Gonna to talk you wide awake Talk until your ego breaks The past is dust undo concern There''s hell to pay and it''s your turn The hardest thing you''ll ever learn Is what bridge to cross and what bridge to burn

Fat Nick – WTF Lyrics, Genius Lyrics

WTF Lyrics: All I dress designer on me / Yeah your bitch she want me / She gonna suck all on my dick and then pretend... / Ayo, Lil Mexico, pass the gas / Mud walk, Beamer be my drop top

FBG Duck WTF Lyrics, AZLyrics

FBG Duck Lyrics. "WTF". I had a dream I was rich as hell. But I was broke as fuck when I woke up. Don''t try to tell me what the fuck niggas said. Cause really I don''t give no fuck. Matter fact go tell them niggas its not bout the money then please stop bringing me up. Niggas need to worry bout why they pockets on e.

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