Simunition Live Fire Force on Force Scenario Based

Simunitionis a primerdriven, powder charged ammunition cartridge with colored detergentmarker filled plastic polymer projectiles used in your own firearm against live targets in livefire, forceonforce, critical incident and crisis training. Some folks feel that Simunition is nothing more than glorified "paintball".

Simunition FX标记弹 ——〖枪炮世界〗

目前,Simunition的训练弹药有多种类型,包括空包弹,但主要的名气大的产品仍然是FX标记弹(彩弹,或称为反应弹)。 虽然过去也有一些单位使用 Wargame 用的彩弹枪来进对抗训练,但那些彩弹枪的外形和真枪区别很大,操作感也完全不同,而且射程极近、弹道极其弯曲。

SIMUNITION: A dangerously ambiguous term

SIMUNITION is a company,* not a type of cartridge. Using the terms "simmunition," "simmunitions" or simply just "sims" when referring to marking cartridges is dangerous. This might sound like just an exercise in semantics, but using SIMUNITION as a generic term for marking cartridges might someday lead to somebody getting killed.

Simunition, MGS, LLC

Training is essential for protection of personnel in any situation and Simunition has been on the forefront of nonlethal, shortrange training ammunition solutions for decades. With dual origins in Canada and the United States, the company has expanded its expertise worldwide to provide the most realistic training systems possible.

Simunition Munitions d’exercice non létales

Simunition MD a à nouveau relevé la barre en présentant la toute nouvelle amorce complètement non toxique Toxfree MD comme option pour toutes ses cartouches d’entranement. Le système FX MD est constitué des munitions marquantes FX MD, de trousses de conversion des armes et d’équipement de protection individuelle.Les trois composants essentiels sont appuyés par un cours complet de

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