grady white vs boston whaler

grady white vs boston whaler

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As stated a Grady has a deeper deadriseand should ride smoother. But it has a tradeoff while adrift. Whalers wont sink, Grady''s do sink. Assumung you are talking new or newer made boats,

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Author. Topic: grady white vs. boston whaler. wilbur. posted 08:50 PM ET (US) Want to buy a Grady White 185 vs. Boston Whaler 180 Dauntless or Outrage 190 for inshore fishing. After riding all boats and comparing hulls, engines, fit/fininsh the Grady White feels like the best boat.

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I own a 1995 26'' Grady White and a 1999 18'' boston whaler. The 18 whaler is my 3rd.Bottom line Grady is a well built boat and they are getting better.The whaler has a great hull but the older boats are much better built.The new Whalers that are over 25 ft look like large bayliners.My neighbor just spent $112,000 on a 27'' cc whaler which has 1/2

Grady White 330 Express or Boston Whaler 315 Conquest,

Grady White 330 Express or Boston Whaler 315 Conquest. Jump to Latest Follow 1 17 of 17 Posts. Sea Hunter234 Registered. Joined Jul 28, 2016 60 Posts . Discussion Starter #1 Jul 24, 2018. I''m looking hard at both of these boats and would love to get on one if anyone around the Galveston/Freeport area has one.

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Grady White Boston Whaler vs. SeaSwirl / Proline. Discussion in ''Powerboats'' started by blee, Mar 12, 2005. Joined: Mar 2005 Posts: 1 Likes: 0, Points: 0, Legacy Rep: 10 Location: San Diego, CA blee New Member. I am buying my first boat and have fished in GradyWhites / Boston Whalers and know they are good options, however they are very

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Grady, Whaler and Pursuit The 28 Conquest vs the 30 Marlin isn''t a fair fight. We had a 282 Sailfish previous to our Marlin and the extra weight in the Marlin makes for a much better ride. Not knowing your budget the Pursuit OS is a very nice set up worth looking at. FYI 3 under the hardtop is doable with the companion seat.

4 MostCommon Problems With Grady White Boats

Grady White boats are known as one of the best offshore boat manufacturers in the country. Recognized for providing a luxury boating option at a high price, Grady boats are often touted as investment boats. However, there are common problems that many Grady White boat owners face, such as hull construction, fuel mileage, maintenance, and wooden

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Grady will ride better in a head sea then the whaler will any day with the heavy V hull. Whaler will ride great in a following sea and drift very stable. Whaler will probably plain at a slower speed and get better fuel burn with the hull design. Like another poster said, check out the power of each boat.

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