jaehyun and rose

jaehyun and rose

No One Can Figure Out The Real Heights Of NCT''s

According to their public profiles, APRIL ‘s Naeun is 167cm (5.48 ft), NCT ‘s Jaehyun is 180cm (5.90 ft) and BLACKPINK ‘s Rosé is 168cm (5.51 ft). But what got fans really confused was how Rosé looked way taller than Naeun, while Jaehyun did not look over 10cm taller than Rosé.

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jaerose nctpink blackpink jaehyun nct rose jenyong yusoo parkchanyeol tenlisa jungjaehyun jennie taeyong nct127 jisoo lisa yuta chaeyoung kpop ten. 195 Stories. Sort by: Hot. Hot New # 1. Chambers of the Heart (JaeRosé) by Queenie. 30.2K 1.7K 37. If Rosé Park were to describe Dr. Jaehyun Jung before, she''d say without thinking twice that he''s

Which Member Is The Closest To NCT''s Jaehyun Find Out

Jaehyun is the main vocalist, lead rapper and also lead dancer of NCT. Jaehyun has lived in Los Angeles, the United States for four years and then returned to South Korea to become a trainee under SM Entertainment. In December 2013, SM Entertainment announced that Jaehyun officially became a member of SM Rookies.

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