ibberson gravity knife

ibberson gravity knife

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Ibberson Gravity Knife After British forces had captured numbers of the Luftwaffe FallschirmjgerMesser , the British government approached George Ibberson & Co. of Sheffield , England, a knife and cutlery manufacturer, and asked him to produce a British version of the German Luftwaffe gravity knife for the Special Operations Executive (SOE

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The Ibberson Gravity Knife. Eventually, the British forces caught wind of the new knife. When they managed to get ahold of a few Luftwaffe knife models, they approached a knife manufacturer called George Ibberson & Co. The British forces asked the knife and cutlery manufacturer to develop a knife that had a similar structure to the German model.

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Ibberson gravity knife After British forces had captured numbers of Type I FliegerKappmesser , the British government approached George Ibberson & Co. of Sheffield , England, a knife and cutlery manufacturer, and requested production of a British version of the German Luftwaffe Gravity Knife for the Special Operations Executive (SOE) and other

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The knife appears to have seen little or no use. All components work correctly. Full length blade at 3 3/4” which has no signs of sharpening and has a full factory edge, complete with full and correct etched Ibberson trade label. The gravity mechanism works flawlessly. The grips are intact and have no issues.

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Coverage of the Ibberson knife is largely by way of already published material on that knife. On balance, the Luftwaffe Gravity Knife book by Mack A. Pattarozzi is a very useful addition to the library of books for the knife collector, especially so for collectors who have German garvity knives in their collections.

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A gravity knife is a knife with a blade contained in its handle, and which opens its blade by the force of gravity. As the gravity knife requires gravity or spinning motion to propel the blade out of the handle, it differs fundamentally from the switchblade, which opens its springpropelled blade automatically upon the push of a button, switch, or fulcrum lever. The main purpose of this

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The gravity knife was mainly produced to help paratroopers to free themselves from the tangled parachutes. Therefore, the gravity knife was designed in such a way that it could be operated with only one hand. The gravity knife first originated in Germany. These knives were issued to German paratroopers and flight crew members.

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Gravity knives and switchblades are very similar, which often leads to gravity knives being categorized as a type of switchblade. There are differences between the two, though. The main difference is the operation of each knife. Both knives keep their blades tucked inside their handles. However, they use different mechanisms for opening.

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