harichandra puranam tamil

harichandra puranam tamil


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In the above context I want to share a poem that I have recently come across in a Tamil classic called ‘Harichandra Puranam’, the story of Harichandra which inspired and was even a turning point in the life of Mahatma. This is the context of the poem.

Harishchandra (1968) IMDb

Harishchandra: Directed by K.S. Prakash Rao. With Shivaji Ganesan, Varalakshmi G., T.S. Balaiah, T.P. Muthulakshmi. "Viswamithran employs various tactics to corrupt Harishchandra''s heart and make him lie. However, Harishchandra remains true to his word and ends up leading an impoverished life.



A catalogue of the Tamil books in the library of the

A catalogue of the Tamil books in the library of the British Museum by British Museum. Dept. of Oriental Printed Books and Manuscripts; Barnett, Lionel D. (Lionel David), ; Pope, George Uglow,

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