snowboarding tailbone protection

snowboarding tailbone protection

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Hi all. I am a new boarder, practising linking turns and riding goofy, and have hurt my tailbone (coccyx) twice now while boarding! Injuring myself repeatedly really sucks and affects my confidence and my desire to go down the slope, so before winter and more snowboarding I really want to invest in some great protection for my tailbone but I''m really not sure what to go with!

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The tailbone, or coccyx, is the triangular shaped, curved portion of three to five bones located at the bottom of the vertebral column (the spine). It is normally well protected in our bodies, but in especially aggressive sports, like snowboarding and skateboarding, it is easy to hurt.

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Neither one of us thought that foam alone would offer complete tailbone protection for snowboarding. This reasoning lead us to incorporate a flexible plastic shell into the AZZPAD. The 8 of us are still boarding, still falling and of course, fully tailbone protected!" Neil James, partner, Azzpadz

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Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts for Snowboard,Skate and Ski,3D Protection for Hip,Butt and Tailbone 2,458 $29 99

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With highquality snowboard padded shorts or padded snowboard pants, you get: Snowboarding tailbone protection, so when you catch a heelside edge and fall backwards, you''ll have protection between your coccyx and the snow/ice/obstacle.

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Always wear safety equipment to protect your tailbone while snowboarding. The attendant at a ski resort or a store clerk at an athletic store can help you choose

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Crash Pads protective gear were originally designed for specific sports but through the years we find that our crash protection has a varied and wide scope. Shop sports pads, protective gear, snowboard crash pants, padded shorts, snowboarding gears and more. tailbone protection

SKL Hip Protection 3D Padded Shorts, Breathable Impact Protection Shorts for Men & Women, EVA Protective Gear for Snowboarding, Skating and Ski, Protect Hip, Butt and Tailbone. . McDavid HEX 5Pad 3/4 Tight Thudd. Padded for Football and More Sports. Pads on Thighs, Hips, Tailbone.

ButtShield The SnowBoarding Butt Pad!

Outstanding shockabsorbing material, extremely effective in reducing impact. This buttpad covers not only your butt but also your lowerback and tailbone. Designed to fit ALL snowboarding pants and bibs does not shift during riding. Super light, "breathable" foam made to literally adapt to the shape of your butt. Very comfortable.

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