fetron schematic

fetron schematic


The Fetron is a unique combination of N channel Junction Field Effect transistors. The electrical configuration is a form of the Cascode connection. They were built primarily as a plug in tube or solid state pentode replacement, although triode equivalents were also made.

HOW THE FETRON WORKS The FETRON usually contains

HOW THE FETRON WORKS The FETRON usually contains two JFETs in cascode to simulate the actual performance of a pentode or pentode. However, there are three important circuit im provements obtained with the FETRON. These are: viade vEuurn The advantages of this configuration 1, The input characteristics are determined by the first device, 2.

The FETron Amfone

If you look at Shade''s work on composite vacuum tubes and the schematic for the Fetron, the relationship seems pretty straightforward. That was a really sharp cookie! I did not know he was involved with the Nuvistor... another very cool innovation.

Philbrick Archive

FETRON are also used in high reliability missile systems, and many other applications. These are high volume, proven devices. A tantalum fuse is used, and thick film methods are employed for the R/C networks. Using standard hybrid circuit techniques, the FETRON ele ments are assembled under ultra clean conditions. The

Fetron the Unknown

Re: Fetron the Unknown. Reply #3 on: November 26, 2011, 01:47:41 am . The FETron plan will NOT emulate a triode well. It is strongly pentodelike. The problem with modern recreation is that we can not find 300V JFETs today. 500V MOSFETs are easy but the biasing is different.

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