charbel rouhana oud method

charbel rouhana oud method

Arabic classical music journey with Charbel Rouhana Songs

Apr 26, 2020. Charbel Rouhana is a composer, singer and contemporary oud player (Arabic oud). Born in 1965 in Beirut, Lebanon. Rouhana develops the traditional forms of oriental music with elements of contemporary music. He succeeded in transforming Oud from arabic traditional instrument to a modern instrument able to communicate with other

Alumni Section, Charbel Rouhana

A Lebanese composer, singer and musician, Charbel Rouhana is one of the few masters who shaped the Oriental lute (or the ‘oud) and its techniques. In 1990, he won the first prize in the Hirayama Competition in Japan for Best Composition entitled “Hymn of Peace”, followed by the Murex d’Or Award in the Musician of the Year category in 2000.

Rouhana, Charbel Art of the Middle Eastern Oud

The oud style here is Rouhana''s contribution to the instrument; his method is widely used in teaching the instrument, and the tunes on the CD are his interpretation of traditional melodies. The music is seductive and tuneful. Rouhana is accompanied by tabla, vocals,

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