dzil nchaa si an

dzil nchaa si an

The Fight for Dzil Nchaa Si An, Mt. Graham: Apaches and

The conflict over Dzil Nchaa Si An, "Big Seated Mountain," pits Apache religious freedom against "bit science." It is a case of David and Goliath. The astronomers have the resources of the scientific establishments of four nationstates on their side, and

The fight for Dzil Nchaa Si An, Mt. Graham: Apaches and

This article describes the fight of the Western Apache to preserve Dzil Nchaa Si An (Mt. Graham) as an area sacred to the Apache from development by an international consortium of astronomers who wish to establish multiple telescopes in the old growth forest at the summit of the mountain. The author discusses the sacred character of Dzil Nchaa Si An from the standpoint of the Apache, and the

White Eyes'' Lies and the Battle for dzi nchaa si''an

discussing the significance of the shrines atop dzil nchaa si''an and juxtaposing the Wilson and Polzer findings with elements of the Apache Legend. Repudiations of the San Carlos Claims Father Polzer''s affidavit refutes the coalition''s claims with three central assertions concerning Western Apache ties to Mt. Graham: "The Apaches were very late

Apache Tribes hold coming of age ceremony on Dzil

GRAHAM COUNTY — Despite the time of year, the air was crisp with a slight cool breeze atop Dzil Nchaa Si An. Hundreds of members of Apache Tribes

Mount Graham

Dzil Nchaa Si An jest najwaniejszym miejscem kultu religijnego Apaczów San Carlos, projekt budowy obserwatorium jest w istocie totalnym brakiem poszanowania dla religii Apaczów, uznajcej Dzil Nchaa Si An za wite miejsce, za wyjtkiem University of

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