whittling with potato peelers

whittling with potato peelers

13 Potato peeler whittling ideas, whittling, nature

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Bushcraft Education : Potato Peelers or Knives for Forest

I think the reason for potato peelers being suggested as an alternative to knives in the first place lies with the health and safety mad culture that has become evident in recent years, But if properly supervised and instructed and provided with knives appropriate to their age; ie small short bladed whittling knives, or paring knives for food preparation children can be allowed to use knives safely and you would be surprised just how able and confident they become with them in short order and also how much they respect knives

Whittling with Children Whittle and Spark

Vegetable Peelers Choose a really strong good quality make. With comfortable handles and blades that are firmly held in place a couple of cm into the solid handle. Great for taking off bark. Great for learning the basics of safe whittling. We use them as if they are knives with full safety observed and so far have had no accidents.

Opinel Whittling Peeler Nature Play SA

An ideal introductory whittling tool for nature players [and what we use at our whittling workshops with children!] This is a high quality Opinel peeler with a rigid, non swivel, blade made from stainless steel. The handle is made from beech. Suitable for right or left handed users. 5.5cm Blade, 0.75mm thick, Dishwasher Safe

How to Whittle for Kids and Beginners Woodland Trust

Whittle a simple flower. Take a small, straight twig and peel off the bark. Then peel back thin strips of wood from the tip of the stick and open them out to look like petals. You could do a couple further down to look like leaves.

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