antimony trisulfide flash powder

antimony trisulfide flash powder

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Antimony Trisulfide is a black powder, which is a fuel used in various white star compositions of the potassium perchloratebase. It is sometimes used in glitter

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The "Chinese needle" form of antimony trisulfide produces white glittery stars in fireworks. The "dark pyro" form increases the sensitivity of flash powder and sharpens the "report" or loud boom sound effect. Antimony trisulfide should be handled with extreme care because it is toxic and very sensitive to shock and static electricity.

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Flash compositions containing antimony trisulfide are very sensitive to friction, shock, and static electricity. Hazards: Antimony trisulfide should never be used in any mixture containing chlorates, or else spontaneous ignition may occur.

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these specifications: 4070% oxidizer, 2040% aluminum, 2030% sulfur or antimony trisulfide (if you are going to use it at all).Just to give you an idea of the variation which is possible, I have seen successful flash powder made from magnesium filings (that''s filings not powder) and potassium

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Antimony(III) sulfide, 99.999% (metals basis

It is used in glitter compositions, fountain compositions, flash powder and vulcanizing rubber. It is employed in the production of rubycolored glass and in plastics, as a fire retardant, in explosives, matches, and fireworks. It can be used to prepare a series of thioantimonous salts and Schlippe''s salt.

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flake aluminum powder. This is significant because the use of potassium chlorate, antimony sulfide, and sulfur, can seriously increase the sensitiveness of flash powders to accidental ignition. Keywords: flash powder, sound pressure level, blast pressure, weak confinement, positive phase Introduction The science of pyrotechnics as applied to

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MAG/55 flash powder. CAUTION: Magnesiumbased flash powders are more sensitive and violent than those made with aluminum. Individuals inexperienced with flash are encouraged to avoid such compositions.

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My knowledgement in flash powder is almost null, but recently I''ve been playing with strontium peroxide and magnalium and its power suprised me. I have one silly question: the reaction SrO2 > SrO + 1/2 O2 is exothermic Can strontium peroxide based flash powder go high order BTW, Antimony trisulfide is now available on eBay.

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