bus 1062 jiufen to taipei

bus 1062 jiufen to taipei

Taipei to Jiufen 4 ways to travel via train, line 1062

Take the line 1062 bus from MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station to Jiufen 1062 $3 $5 Taxi 30 min Take a taxi from Taipei to Jiufen 36.9 km

Jiufen (Station) to Taipei 4 ways to travel via train

The best way to get from Jiufen (Station) to Taipei is to train which takes 1h 13m and costs $1 $5. Alternatively, you can line 1062 bus, which costs $3 $5 and takes 1h 26m. Mode details.

Jiufen Town near Taipei City (and Keelung) 九份 – EIT

You will see a bus stop sign for bus # 1062. (The bus route is TaipeiJin Gua Shi Town which is next to Jiufen) The bus to Jiufen takes about 1 hour. It can take longer on weekends with more traffic.

Taipei to Jiufen: 3 ways to get to Jiufen ms travel solo

Bus 1062 at Ruifang Bus Stop Perhaps the easiest way to get to Jiufen from Taipei is to take a direct bus 1062 from Taipei city centre to Jiufen. Taking a direct form of transportation can take out all the headaches of figuring out where to transfer, bus schedule, etc. Bus 1062 route starts from Taipei via the National Freeway No. 1 to Jinguashi.

How to get to Jiufen Old Street from Taipei – The Tower Info

There are two choices for bus to Jiufen from Taipei: 1062 and 965. The more popular one is 1062, operated by Keelung Bus Company, starts from Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station (忠孝復興站), and costs 110 NTD to Jiufen, you can pay with an EasyCard or cash.

How to Travel from Taipei to Jiufen (The Easy Way

The bus ride from Taipei to Jiufen takes between 1 hour and 1.5 hours. The length of your journey depends on which bus you take and where in Taipei you’re departing from. From Taipei Main Station, it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. You can expect anything departing from central Taipei will take about that long as well.

How to Get From Taipei to Jiufen (Detailed 2021 Guide

Getting from Taipei to Jiufen by bus . Traveling time: 80 minutes, Cost: NT$90. The easiest and cheapest way to get to Jiufen is by taking a direct express bus from Taipei.Bus 965 travels between Banqiou and Jinguashi, stopping at Banqiao Bus Station, Wanhua Railway Station, MRT Ximen Station, MRT Beimen Station, Ruifang Railway Station, and Jiufen Old Street along the way.

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