sablok caste

sablok caste

Untoucability A thesis by Ambedkar Quest Journals

“Untouchability is a direct product of the caste system. It is not merely the inability to touch a human being of a certain caste or subcaste. It is an attitude on the part of a whole group of people that relates to a deeper psychological process of thought and

Jamshedpur: 4 policemen suspended, OC removed for

Sablok had accused Agrawal of threatening and demanding Rs 5 lakh as extortion money in connection with a project. A day later, an FIR was registered against Sablok by a member from the Scheduled Caste, accusing him of using abusive language and casteist remarks.

Sanjeev Sabhlok''s blog – Thoughts on economics and liberty

In ethically fraught situations like battlefield triage, for example, or decisions about who gets scarce organs or which drugs to include in the PBS, we recognise that saving a 20yearold means saving more human welfare than saving an 80yearold. This recognition is embodied in the concept of

Khatri Surnames,

Sablok Sachar Saggar Sahi Sahni/Sawhney Sami Sareen/Sarin Sehgal/Sahgal Sekhri Selhi Seth Sethi Sial (Syal) Sibal Sikand Sikka Singh Sobti Sodhi Sondhi Soni Suri Santhani T Talwar Thamman Tandan/Tandon Thapar Trehan Takiar U Uppal V Vadehra Vasudeva Vig Vij Vinaik Vohra Viswanath Verma W Wadhawan Wahi/Wahie Walia wadhera

Khatri & Arora Sikh Subcastes

Khatri and Arora Sikhs are also sometimes called "Kirar" or "Bhapa Sikhs". Both groups intermarry freely and are identical for all practical purposes . They used to constitute chiefly of shopkeepers, small moneylenders, accountants, grocers, perfume sellers, grain traders, etc. Khatri

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