btfsplk meaning

btfsplk meaning

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Meanings for Joe Btfsplk It is a character in the comic strip Li''l Abner which was created by the cartoonist Al Capp.

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Joe Btfsplk was a character in the satirical comic strip Li''l Abner by cartoonist Al Capp (). He''s wellmeaning, but is the world''s worst jinx, bringing disastrous misfortune to everyone around him. A small, dark rain cloud perpetually hovers over his head to symbolize his bad luck. Hapless Btfsplk and his everpresent cloud became one of the most iconic images in Li''l Abner. One

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oroboros commented on the word joe btfsplk. Cartoon character in Lil'' Abner strip who, ''tho well meaning is the ultimate jinx.According to creator Al Capp, "btfsplk" is a rude sound. During a public lecture by Al Capp, he demonstrated this phatic sound by closing his lips, leaving his tongue sticking out, and then blowing out air, which is also called a raspberry or Bronx cheer.

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Joe Btfsplk: The world’s worst jinx, Joe Btfsplk had a perpetually dark rain cloud over his head. Instantaneous bad luck befell anyone unfortunate enough to be in his vicinity. Though wellmeaning and friendly, his reputation inevitably precedes him — so Joe is a very lonely little man.

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Jim Comey, Washington''s Very Own Joe Btfsplk Joe was a wellmeaning cartoon fellow who was always accompanied by a dark raincloud and was the world''s worst jinx. Kind of like James Comey.

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Known as “the world’s unluckiest jinx”, Joe Btfsplk, wellmeaning and friendly, brought disaster to everyone around him. A small raincloud follows him, a sign of his bad luck. Thomas’ sculpture references one episode, where having trapped the cloud in a cave, Joe is freed from his bad luck.

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