bucky x tony

bucky x tony

In Which Steve and Bucky love Tony Anyway Chapter 1, an

Tony was messing around with some small piece of tech on Bucky''s mechanical arm. Steve knew that Bucky had some deep feelings for Tony, granted he did as well, but watching the emotions play out on Bucky''s face with Tony so close to him was almost painful because he knew Bucky was holding back his feelings. Thankfully Tony finished quickly and

Avengers AU Bucky x Reader Wattpad

Read Bucky x Reader from the story Avengers AU by RiverdaleGilmores with 202 reads. scarletwitch, love, samwilson. Requested (Had to change it alittle I do not...

Readers Assemble! Not a Couple (Bucky Barnes x deaf

Not a Couple (Bucky Barnes x deaf!reader) Bucky watched in awe as your hands moved at lightning speed. You were sitting at the table, talking to Thor while Bucky stood in the kitchen with his cup of coffee. He understood some of the words you were trying to say, but most of it was a blur.

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