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Hyrsam’s court is a traveling menagerie of creatures from the Feywild and beyond. Although satyrs and their dark cousins, the satyrs of the night, comprise the majority of his complement, Hyrsam’s retinue also includes dryads strolling with lamia, eladrin traveling. with drow, and gnomes capering alongside fomorians.

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Hyrsam is an Archfey, one of the Seelie Court, and a servant of Titania.He is a demigod of music and revelry and the current leader of all satyrs (contested lightly by Damh, who focuses on his Korred patrons). Hyrsam is considered somewhat extreme in his beliefs that all of the ''outsider races'' of the Feywild need to be expelled, chiefly the lycanthropes, elves and fomorians.

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Hyrsam, the Prince of Fools, is thought to be the first satyr. He can sing the shine off gold, and his jokes and antics can cause stones to cry with laughter. Yet Hyrsam is also the soul of savagery and the wild. Hyrsam the Fool is a prankster and prone to mischief, but when such jokes turn vicious and deadly, Hyrsam the Savage is at play.

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Hos Hyrsam hyr du allt inom bygg, renovering, trdgrd, mark och mleri. Maskiner och verktyg till uthyrning, bde hemma och p arbetet. "Gr Jobbet enkelt".

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Hyrsam. The archfey Hyrsam is known as the Prince of Satyrs. He appears as a handsome satyr with curly locks that fall in wild tangles around his curved spiral horns and down his fair face. His dark eyes flash with hidden passion and rebellious light. He always dresses in ordinary travelling clothes when interacting with commoners, and he is in

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It seems Hyrsam''s plot is foiled, for now. But what if, instead of turning this over to the Gatekeepers, you were to take his fiddle and use it as your own Ohoho, delightfully devilish, adventurer. Tips Sounding scales with spell power and has a short internal cooldown (testing shows close to 1/4 sec).

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The principal idea is to think about some core symbol or aspect of springtime and grant it an embodiment or patron. In the Player’s Handbook for 5th Edition, there is a reference to the Green Lord (though he’s more for Summer than Spring) and Hyrsam, the Prince of Fools (definitely more than likely a Spring Court fey).

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Archfey were fey beings who gained nearly godlike powers and established a position of preeminence among feykind. Each archfey had a unique appearance and set of abilities, most controlled a portion of the Feywild and had selfproclaimed titles.12 Some of them were powerful fey of many races, others were the awakened spirits of natural places such as forests or rivers, others the sentient

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