hey little girl lyrics

hey little girl lyrics

Icehouse Hey Little Girl Lyrics, AZLyrics

"Hey Little Girl" lyrics. Icehouse Lyrics "Hey Little Girl" Hey, hey When everything goes wrong Sometimes it makes no sense Hey, hey There once was a time I should have known better then Hey, hey Although you may try It won''t come your way again Hey, little girl Where will you hide Who can you run to now

Hey Little Girl Lyrics

About Hey Little Girl "Hey Little Girl" is a single released by Australian band Icehouse, the second single from the band''s 1982 album, Primitive Man. The album and single were coproduced by band member and the track''s writer, Iva Davies, and Keith Forsey.

Dee Clark Hey Little Girl Lyrics, Lyrics

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, littlegirl Carry your books, and ahold your arm Because you''re the girl that I love best Hey, hey, hey, hey

Major Lance – Hey Little Girl Lyrics, Genius Lyrics

Hey Little Girl Lyrics: Hey little girl / (Hey little girl) / I watch you dance and you look so fine / Hey little girl / (Hey little girl) / You do the monkey, right on time / A please let me have a

Icehouse Hey Little Girl Lyrics, SongMeanings

Hey, little girl (little girl) Where will you go (will you go)


Professor Longhair Hey Little Girl Lyrics. Well, a girly chicken fell in love with a chicken hawk Well, a girly chicken fell in love with a chicken hawk She fell head over heels for

Hey Little Girl lyrics by Dee Clark original song full

Hey, little girl in the black silk stockins Gee, but you''ve got my heart arockin'' Awearin'' that crazy skintight skirt And that crazy ivy league shirt!


Hey, little girl, hey, little girl Theyre all the same but they feel no sorrow Hey, little girl, don''t wanna cause you pain But the big boys feel no sorrow, oh

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