mamahuhu chinese meaning

mamahuhu chinese meaning

mamahuhu : careless, casua... : mǎ ma hū hū, Definition

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马马虎虎 Chinese Character Detail Page

ma3. ma5. maa5. abbr. for malaysia 馬來西亞|马来西亚 [ma3 lai2 xi1 ya4] / horse / horse or cavalry piece in chinese chess / knight in western chess / surname ma. 虎. Learn more. hu3. fu2. fu2.

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Now you understand, the meaning of “mamahuhu”, Chinese people use it as “not good, not bad" Benny. Learn Chinese, Learn Mandarin from Ask Benny. Reply . Chinese Mandarin : Registered on : Language : English, French, German, Spanish Posts : 38 Responses : 60 Comments : 7.

马马虎虎 ChineseEnglish Chengyu Dictionary

Chengyu''s info : 马马虎虎 . English dictionary of Chengyu, chinese idioms. Chengyu''s definition and explanation in english and english. Pinyin, context examples, synonyms, antonyms and calligraphy. Chengyu Dictionary. Alphabetical Chengyu index.

meaning How is 马马虎虎 used Chinese Language

"马马虎虎" can also be used when you are trying to be modest. For example, if someone praises you:

etymology How did 马马虎虎 come to mean soso

The Manchu language expression ''lahu / lala huhu'' which means "no skill in hunting" was imported from this Beijing dialect phrase. The Cantonese term 麻麻地 /maa4 maa4*2 dei6*2/ (soso; not too good, not too bad) was in term, evolved from 馬馬虎虎

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Mamahuhu, which takes its name from the Chinese phrase meaning ‘so so,’ only continues to grow in popularity thanks to its satirical, absurdist takes. Behind the scenes on tomorrow''s brand new episode! Can you guess the plot #mamahuhu. A post shared by Mamahuhu

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