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Kodomo no Jikan (A Child''s Time) tells the tale of Rin Kokonoe, a girl in third grade who develops a massive crush on her 23year old teacher, Daisuke Aoki. This in itself wouldn''t be so bothersome, if it weren''t for the fact that Rin is extremely forward about this and gives it a definite sexual slant which is very inappropriate for her age.. Aoki is totally appalled by Rin''s behavior at

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DigitalBoy. [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Let me say this now. In the entire world, Kodomo no Jikan is the best show airing this season. In addition, it might be a candidate for the best anime ever. However between the image below and the story''s description, one might be thrown aloof from this anime. Do not be fooled.

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Overview. Kodomo no Jikan, like many other animes "of the now" is based around school life, however this one separates itself into one of the smaller categories of school animes by taking the perspective of the teacher; but not just any teacher, a 3rd grade teacher. The teacher is a recent college graduate named Daisuke Aoki, a 23 year old n00b whose matching coat and tie scream out to you

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