clash royale unfair matchups

clash royale unfair matchups

Matchmaking Changes!, Clash Royale

A global change coming to solo matchmaking. Players will now get matched by default with players who have a King Level +1 or 1 to their own (alongside an equal match). E.g King Level 12 player will get matched with King Level 11, 12 or 13. Note: This rule will not change any current matchmaking rules based on Trophy counts.

5 Reasons Why You Want to Quit Clash Royale

Clash Royale launched in the first months of 2016 and yes, as I predicted in my previous post (Deconstructing Supercell''s Next Billion Dollar Game), it took its place at the top of the grossing list and made the rest of us gamemakers look like rookies.Clash Royale is in

Matchup New Feature, Blog RoyaleAPI

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