unused rap punchlines and metaphors

unused rap punchlines and metaphors

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Best Rap Punchlines and Metaphors Examples In the world of rap, a welldelivered punchline or metaphor can make the difference between a song that leaves you feeling energized and inspired—and one that leaves you bored and disconnected.

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Punchlines are usually created using a mix of lyrical techniques – some of the most common being rap puns and metaphors. FYI: While there’s no talk of it online, I’d assume that the phrase ‘punchline’ derives from the word ‘pun’, as it’s quite a modern word

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It is often used for punchlines. Q: What are Rap Metaphors A: Metaphors like wordplay are handy tricks to make killer punchlines better. Q: What Does “Bars” Mean in Rap and Hip Hop Music A: A bar can be said to be a line of a verse but then again, a bar is of 4 beats. And so usually Rap songs have a 4/4 time signature.

Metaphors and Similes in HipHop Flocabulary

Our Nine Favorite Uses of Creative Metaphors and Similes 9. "See, I drop the greats like clumsy waiters drop plates." Mr. Man on "Fortified Live," Fortified Live 8. "RRRRROAW RRRROAW like a dungeon dragon, change your little drawers because your pants are saggin''." Busta Rhymes on "Scenario," Low End Theory 7. "Coming from the deep black like the Loch Ness,

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peep. yall aint ready,my flow heavy,like water breaks levy''s,the money is steady,an i make ya girl go down south liek chevy''s. you snack and i brunch,when it come to this money im first to eat like A lunch, yall cant beat me ,yall cant see me, cuz yall kno i regulate the game like 10 feet, yea yall dont wanna mess wit me,take ya girl an make

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