hamaliel guardian angel

hamaliel guardian angel

Hamaliel ~ Angel of Logic: Angels, Archangels, Guardian

DOMINION: This luminous angel presides over the sun sign of Virgo, and aids us in increasing our abilities to think in an orderly and logical manner. GUIDANCE: Angel of Logic SAMPLE AFFIRMATION: I logically think out the important decisions that I need to make. SAMPLE PRAYER: Angel of Logic, sometimes I think before I speak and sometimes I react with a "kneejerk" type of reaction.

Who Is Your Guardian Angel According to Your Zodiac Sign

Anael (or Haniel) is the archangel living in Venus'' region and therefore is the guardian angel of love and harmony. Anael helps you keep your spirits in balance and gifts you with beauty, which is what gives Taureans that personality based on the depths of love, romance and stability.

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Guardian Angel Hamaliel Guardian Angel Hamaliel – also known as the angel of harvest. He brings abundance from Heaven. Also, he brings the bright light of love. He showers us in the unconditional love of God.


Hamaliel This angel presides over those born in the month of August and along with Jophiel, the sun sign Virgo. Prayers can be requested for special protection and bright blessings. Hanael (or Haniel) Prince of the Archangels, Hanael is one of the 7 angels of creation.

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