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Momijigari, or admiring the autumn leaves, is a custom that has been practiced for centuries. Read to learn what makes this season so lovely, and great spots for taking in the spectacular nature. Fall in Japan is when the country gets dyed in gorgeous red, orange, and yellow hues. Momijigari, or admiring the autumn leaves, is a custom that has

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Momijigari (紅葉狩り) is the Japanese tradition of visiting areas where leaves have turned red in the autumn.The word comes from the two Japanese words momiji (紅葉) meaning "red leaves" or "maple tree" and kari (狩り), "hunting".It is also called kōyō (紅葉). " Kōyō" is another pronunciation of the characters for "momiji". In Hokkaidō another word for it is kanpūkai (観楓会).

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Momijigari 红叶狩 (Maple Viewing)。( C. japonica) 红山茶。1879,日本东京。完全形、浓红色、花瓣入白筋、中轮、花期 1 2 月、树性横张、长势强。红叶狩一杨绍溥,1978, 台湾茶

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Momijigari: Chasing Autumn Leaves in Japan. In Japan last year, I sought out the best spots to view the crimson foliage not knowing that I was indulging in a centuriesold tradition called momijigari — chasing autumn leaves. Osaka Castle and autumn leaves.

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Target On Bulbapedia''s Movedex On Smogon''s Movedex On Eevee''s Movedex 1 Description 2 Effect 3 Pokémon that learn Momijigari 3.1 Level Up 3.2 Breeding this move has a 10% chance for the following additional effects to occur: The user takes recoil damage equal to 1/3 of the damage dealt to the target by this attack (rounded up, min. 1 damage). May burn the target. Note: Due to memory issues

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Higomomijigari 肥后红叶狩 (Higo View of Maples)。(Higo) 肥后茶。1912,日本熊本县。单瓣、平开形、红色、花瓣 7 8 枚、轮蕊、红色花丝、中 大轮 (10cm)、花期 2 3 月、树性横张。别名: Momijigari (红叶狩)。

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Momijigari (jap. 紅葉狩り) aus dem Japanischen momiji (紅葉, dt.Rote Bltter“ oder Herbstlaub“) und kari (狩り Jagen“) bezeichnet die japanische Sitte, im Herbst Landschaften und Parks mit schner herbstlicher Laubfrbung, insbesondere von Ahornbumen und wldern, zu besuchen.. Es wird in Hokkaidō auch als kanpūkai (観楓会) bezeichnet.

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