cpm rex 45

cpm rex 45

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CPM Rex 45 is a cobaltalloyed super high speed steel of the CPM tool steel family. It has excellent hot hardness along with good wear resistance and toughness, making it suitable for difficult machining applications. Made by the Crucible Particle Metallurgy process, CPM Rex 45 has good machninabilty and grindability characteristics. CPM Rex 45 achieves maximum attainable hardness values up to 67 HRc. The high degree of hardness, the fine austenite grain size and the finely dispersed carbides facilitate economical use of CPM Rex 45

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CPM REX 45, Edge Performance. First testing is sharpening to a high sharpeness freehand on benchstones and comparing small differences in the edge quality and other characteristics. Using a 1000 grit CBN waterstone the factory bevel scratches where removed and the knives where fully Apexed and deburred off the stone.

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Technological Curves of steel grade CPM Rex 45

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CPM Rex 45 ist ein Colegierter HochleistungsSchnellarbeitsstahl der CPMProduktlinie. Er ist auf hohe Warmfestigkeit und Verschleifestigkeit bei gleichzeitig hoher Zhigkeit ausgelegt. Aufgrund des CruciblePulvermetallurgieverfahrens hat der CPM Rex 45 eine homogene Mikrostruktur mit feineren, gleichmiger verteilten Karbiden und damit eine bessere Schleifbarkeit und Zhigkeit

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Hap40 Endura and Rex 45 PM2 were sharpened to the same sharpness of whittling hair before the test. He cut cardboard with the same portion of the blade and alternating between two knives. He stopped when the knife no longer shaved hair. Hap40 Endura: 924 inches cut. Rex 45

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兴隆CPM Rex 45高速钢什么解释成分l1vw CPM Rex 45高速钢独联体的钼使用量比上一季度增加了4%,达到5.8毫升,与去年同期相比增长了8%。高速钢和合金钢的工艺和参数的区别高速钢也是一种合金钢,含有C,Mn,Si,Cr,Mo,Co等,可用来做

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CPM Rex 45 is a powder metallurgy version of the high speed steel M3:2 plus cobalt. This grade is relatively common in Europe, being produced as Erasteel ASP 2030, Uddeholm Vanadis 30, and Bohler S590. And Hitachi HAP40 in Japan. When Crucible was pushing CPM M4 as a well rounded PM high speed steel early on, Stora was pushing ASP 30.

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Click to expand... Yes, probably true, though Crucible''s data sheet for Rex 45 shows that M4 at 65 is significantly tougher than Rex 45 at 67. That M4 Para 3 in the test was probably in the 6264 range, the Rex 45 maybe 66. My point was that the test showed strength more than it did toughness.

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