metsuyan hebrew meaning

metsuyan hebrew meaning

What does the Hebrew word Metzuyan mean in English

Shea is not a Hebrew word, so It can''t be translated from Hebrew into English. What does der mean in Hebrew "der" is not an English word and has no meaning in Hebrew.

Meaning of metzuyan is used in Hebrew,

The word metzuyan is used in Hebrew meaning excellent,great

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Modern Hebrew is spoken as a daily language in Israel and in parts of the Palestinian Territories. Biblical Hebrew is used as a religious language by Jews worldwide. It is written with a different alphabet than European languages, and is written from right to left.

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ani ohevet otah: Definition. i love you

Strong''s Hebrew: 2895. (tob) to be pleasing or good

Definition to be pleasing or good Interlinear Greek Interlinear Hebrew Strong''s Numbers Englishman''s Greek Concordance Englishman''s Hebrew Concordance Parallel Texts. Englishman''s Concordance. Numbers 11:18 HEB:

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