sateur ring

sateur ring

Satéur Tripierre Ring SATUR

A threestone topped ring design from the stables of the Satéur brand. The Tripierre fully lives up to its name and features 3 sparkling stones sitting on top of the ring band. 3 stylishlycrafted stones sitting in a line with the centerstone slightly larger the two on its sides.

It’s Not Diamond. It’s Satéur Satéur Official Store

Designed using an exclusive, innovative formula, Satéur is identical to diamond to the naked eyes but costs 1% of its price.

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Satéur Reviews, Read Customer Service Reviews of

Like any other savy individual I looked around a bit for an engagement ring before making the commitment and i went with Satéur because of the great service, ideas, and comfort that I felt with them. Prices were competitive, was very helpful and overall the place had a great selection and took the time to really narrow down the ring I wanted.

Satéur Reviews, Read Customer Service Reviews of sateur

Ring arrived nicely packaged a little surprised it came from China so before I opened it I’m thinking ummm won’t get my hopes up but after I saw the ring it’s beautiful yes it’s not a diamond which Sateur says it’s not and I know it’s not buying it I wasn’t trying to pass this as a diamond but whatever the stone is it does come

Satéur Reviews, Read Customer Service Reviews of Satéur

Overall: I was really helped when the customer service team provided my shipping number. Because there has been a delay due to pandemic in mu country. But now the destinee ring has been delivered to me n i was so satisfied with the bling. Quick tip, try to order 1 number above you usual for best result, good luck.

Satéur stone... What is it, PriceScope

I got an ad for these Satéur stones and I''m just curious. They will not disclose what it actually is, but they say it''s not CZ, not moissanite, not diamond. They say it''s an 8.8 on the Mohs scale. "Satéur Stone is specially formulated with rare minerals using our unique, exclusive formula in...

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