neobux rented referrals are bots

neobux rented referrals are bots

Paid To Click Users Beware: Renting Referrals Scam Exposed

This post raises for me very painful memories after losing over $200 to Neobux and Probux. Those rented referrals are BOTS. End of story. The bots are configured in such a way that they produce a little profit to encourage one to bite the Upgrade bullet. After that $90 payment, you will never see a single red cent from those bots.

NeoBux Review: 12 Things You Should Know (2021)

NeoBux has been around since 2008, but seems to have a questionable reputation. A lot of the criticism focuses on its “rented referral” program. Popular subreddit r/beermoney calls it a pyramid scheme. Another Reddit user suggests it uses bots.

How do Rented Referrals work in NeoBux, PTC Secret

The Rented Referrals system works In NeoBux! But it is confusing and many people don’t get it right. They use it incorrectly and loss money. And that turns into articles and sites about how NeoBux is a scam or a fraud. And given that every other Bux site pretending to have Rented Referrals is indeed a scam or a fraud, it is not surprising to

Neobux Review What Users Say

One is confronted quickly with the rented referrals at Neobux. These are in my opinion not real people but bots. It follows that the rented Referrals never produce real gains. You invest more time and money than they bring afterwards. But if you leave the finger from the rented Referrals you can make some money here.

Rented Referrals, Make Money Forum Online Money

Have you ever used rented referrals to make money I tried them on Neobux with disastrous results and not only lost the money I paid for them but more as well. I have come to the conclusion they are not real clickers but bots designed to make you spend more on the site, Direct referrals may not...

What are rented referrals Legit PTC

NEOBUX A site that can be very profitable in addition to being currently the most reliable and recognized site in the field The average number of clicks for rented referrals on the site is among the highest. Tags: PTC Rented referrals. Rented referrals. Top 5 Instagram bots. Popular Posts. Buxenger Get more referrals!

Neobux Rented Referrals / myLot

I joined Neobux 2 months ago and when I started earning by personal clicking I started to rent referrals. I have noticed that after renting referrals for 15 days, rented referrals in Neobux are slowly becoming inactive. Everyday their average are slowly decreasing unlike for the first 15 days.

How to Make $1,000+/Month with Neobux (+ $40/Day

While direct referrals are pretty hard to get, renting referrals is obviously the easiest option. As Neobux lets you rent as many referrals as you can, it automatically becomes

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