dulal tal mishri

dulal tal mishri

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Palm Sugar or Tal mishri is a natural sweetener which is absolutely free from chemicals and bleaches. Actually mishrimade from the sap of the Palmyra palm or the date palm, is known as palm sugar or ‘Tal Mishri’. Order through call (Delhi & Gurgaon) +

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(Dulal Chandra Bhar Tal Mishri) Original And Organic Michri or Mishri is a confectionery work from Sugar. The sweet sap collected from the Palmyra Palm tree is heated and sugar is produced. It is considered good for health and also used in Dessert making.

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It is a nature''s gift to mankind. Days have changed and many preferences have shifted their basic domain. But the unconditional acceptance of the famous palm candy from the house of D.Bhar that upholds a rich 80 year old legacy of the illustrious entrepreneur Dulal Chandra Bhar, is still on its high.

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Dulal Chandra Bhar''s Tal Michri/Mishri/Palm Candy

Dulal Chandra Bhar’s Tal Michri/Mishri D.Bhar Palm Candy is the purest form of palm juice. It is nature’s gift to mankind. Days have changed and many preferences have shifted their basic domain.

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It is mainly because of the health benefits associated with the palm sugar; dulal''s palm candy or tal mishri is a nutrient rich, low glycemic crystalline sweetener. Although the taste and behaviour is almost identical to normal sugar, it is a much healthier option.

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