arya and daenerys fanfiction

arya and daenerys fanfiction

No One, No More Chapter 1, an a song of ice FanFiction

Looking at Daenerys, Arya could not help but be impressed by her beauty. Hair like silver gold cascaded down her back and along her shoulders framing a beautiful face. Large amethyst eyes a shade lighter than Aerion''s scanned the scene before them. She had high cheekbones, a smallish cute nose, and full pouty lips.

The five times Arya says no (Arya/Daenerys GoT)

Read The five times Arya says no (Arya/Daenerys GoT) from the story Fanfiction A collection of short stories by Annannette (Anna Nette) with 46 reads. magn...

Freezing (Arya/Daenerys GoT) Wattpad

Daenerys unexpectedly appeared behind Arya and when Arya turned around she saw how ridiculous her girlfriend looked. Daenerys wore at least three sweaters and four pairs of socks. The sleeves of her sweaters were folded around her knuckles and her bright white hair was hidden under two hats in the most disgusting colours. +

Arya and Daenerys, Asoiaf

No doubt some readers will be asking by this point how Daenerys and Arya meet. This will be covered more fully in the article on Euron Grayjoy. Suffice it to say, Arya''s unique talents will be required to save Dany from a horrible fate. Once the two encounter one another they will get along like a house on fire.

15 Excellent "Game Of Thrones" Fanfiction Stories To Read

In this fanfiction, Arya is transported back to the time of the Mad King''s reign, where she has another list of people to kill, naturally. 8. If you had a huge crush on Jaime Lannister, read "A

Reviews: Game of Thrones Spanking, FanFiction

Oct 18, 2015 c4 LordOrkus. I had almost lost all hope that you would continue this fanfic :D Its great that we finally got another chapter. Loved it. Maybe the punishment was a little too harsh, but since Arya didnt get that many strokes it still felt realistic. Sep 10, 2015 c3 LordOrkus. I hope you will continue this story at some point :D It

5 Shockingly Insane ''Game of Thrones'' Fanfiction Sex

Dany tried to relax, her eyes still closed. Blood of the dragon, blood of the dragon, she kept thinking, and it helped. She was Daenerys Stormborn, of the house Targaryen, the blood of the old Valyria. She was blood of the dragon, and this was just a horse.

Il Trono di Spade/Game of Thrones, ''Ice and EFP Fanfic

Fanfiction su Altri, Arya Stark, Brienne di Tarth, Daenerys Targaryen, Jaime Lannister. *ATTENZIONE SPOILER per chi non ha letto La Danza dei Draghi* Un AU/What if in cui Arya Stark ha passato la sua adolescenza allenandosi nelle arti dell''assassinio nella Casa del Bianco e del Nero, diventando una delle migliori assassine in tutta Essos.

7 ''Game Of Thrones'' Sexual Fan Fiction Stories You Can''t

Daenerys Targaryen & Yara Greyjoy Home Box Office (HBO) The most eligible lesbian on GoT and the Mother of Dragons — the fan fiction basically writes

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