kojagiri purnima 2011

kojagiri purnima 2011

Kojagiri Poornima 2012 in Maharashtra, Kojagiri Lakshmi

Kojagiri Poornima or the Full Moon day in Ashwin month is celebrated as Kojagiri Purnima Vrat in Maharashtra. Kojagari Purnima 2012 date is October 29. It marks the ending of rainy season and the sky gives its way to the Sun. Kojagiri is the festival to welcome brightness in our lives. It is also known []

Sharad or Kojagiri Purnima 2017: Legend and Importance

Sharad Purnima is known as the harvest festival. The rainy season is over and the brightness of the full moon brings special joy. This is a traditional celebration dedicated to the moon and is also called the Kaumudi celebration, ‘Kaumudi’ meaning moonlight.

Kojagiri Purnima 2015 Sharad Purnima in 2015

Kojagiri Purnima is an Indian festival celebrated to invoke the blessings of Moon. Kojagiri Purnima, as the name suggests, falls on Purnima or on the full Moon day in the Hindu month of Ashwin. It is also the harvest festival. Crops sown come to maturity around this festival.

Kojagori Laxmi Puja 2019 Kojagiri Purnima Puja Laxmi

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