sugoi ne

sugoi ne

What is the meaning of "sugoi, ne" Question about

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Contextual translation of "sugoi ne" into English. Human translations with examples: segoi, amazing, fantastico, sugoi desu, im confuse, that''s cool, wish me luck.

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Sugoi ne is an electronic indie duo from London // Papaya EP + Papaya Acoustic EP available now URANIA EP COMING SOON


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OMG!: How to Use Sugoi(すごい) in Japanese

How to Use Sugoi (すごい) in Japanese “Sogoiiiii!” they say, almost too loudly (okay, yes, too loudly). You pass another table full of salarymen wearing suits and ties. “Sugoi desu ne,” one of them says using the more polite phrasing.

What is the meaning of "sugoi na" Question about

There is a different version of it called ne which feels more feminine. See a translation. Report copyright infringement. 0 likes. mkr396r. 21 Dec 2017. Japanese. I think ''na'' means something like ''it is'' in this context Also you can say ''sugoi ne'' to the person. I think ''na''

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SUGOIneスーパードリームには 馴化、活着に充分な養分が含まれています。

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SUGOIne のリグニン、セルロースが燃え尽きたとき。 16 ペレポスト植え方の注意すること 17 ペレポスト栽培 ミックスについて 大好評 SUGOIneミックスチップ 18 ペレポスト 植えた後の潅水 炭素循環構築するには 19 2年目の炭素循環

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