dita von teese corset

dita von teese corset

Dita Von Teese Reveals What Waist Glamorous Corset

Dita Von Teese: It can shape the waist, but you won’t lose weight. The flesh goes somewhere. It’s a little bit like Chinese foot binding. If you wear it for a length of time, and you live in it, and you’re doing serious corset training, it can maybe modify your body, but

Dita Von Teese Talks Corsets and Christmas, Vogue

Seeing as Von Teese was photographed in a bejeweled backlacing corset for The Eccentrics, a new book put together by the luxury boutique

Dita Von Teese: Kardashian Corset Craze Is ''Like The Blind

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese doesn''t think anyone should be taking a lesson in corset wearing from the Kardashian family. "I think it''s funny because I''m watching [the trend] and it''s like the blind leading the blind," she told HuffPost Live on Monday when asked how she felt about the Kardashians promoting the corsetlike Waist Trainer.

Dita Von Teese Has an "Official Corset Trainer", The

Dita Von Teese Has an “Official Corset Trainer” Queen of the Tease: Dita Von Teese Dita Von Teese might be offended when we call her the Founding Mother of Modern Burlesque, but the shoe


Sunday Times, 2003. Giorgio: "Dita was in Italy a couple of days in September 2007; here are two pictures of her show. She was corseted, of course!" Regarding above, left: Here is a link to backstage and interview...few seconds in corset, too. Dita Von Teese at "Crazy Horse" in Paris, a 1''32" video clip. Aarkey points to this interesting blog.

Dita Von Teese unveils impossibly tiny waist as she slips

Dita Von Teese put on a steamy display as she showed off her impossibly tiny waist in a sexy lace corset. The 47yearold burlesque star oozed glamour as she paraded around in the lacy black and...

dita von teese – Lingerie & Corsets, Bikini & Swimwear

dita von teese – Lingerie & Corsets, Bikini & Swimwear

Dita Von Teese

Dita’s four fulllength revues, “Strip, Strip, Hooray!”, “The Art of the Teese”, “Dita Von Teese and the Copper Coupe” and “Glamonatrix”are the biggest burlesque shows in history, showcasing a diverse cast of the crème de la crème of neoburlesque performers of all genders, hailing from all over the world.

Dita Von Teese On Her Teen Years, Painful Shoes & Thin

Dita Von Teese On Her Teen Years, Painful Shoes & Thin Models. We caught up with burlesque artist Dita Von Teese last week to talk style, and we also ended up talking about her annual Halloween costume (she goes as "a normal girl," which you can see here ). In part two of our interview, we talk about what she wore as a teenage, her thoughts on

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