kenne gregoire

kenne gregoire

CV – Kenne Grégoire

Kenne Grégoire received his education as an artist at the State Academy of Arts in Amsterdam from 1967 till 1973. One of his teachers was Otto. B. de Kat. He won the Silver Prix de Rome in 1973. In 1976 he made a study trip through Italy on invitation of the Italian Minstry of Culture

Kenne Gregoire Biography, Galerie Mokum

Kenne Gregoire (Teteringen, 1951) studied in Amsterdam at the Rijksacademie voor Beeldende Kunsten. At the academy, Otto B. de Kat from Haarlem was the most influential teacher for Kenne. Otto B. de Kat taught Kenne the techniques behind composition and use of colour.

Kenne Gregoire Arthur

"Kenne Gregoire is an artist from Holland who is making his US exhibition debut this weekend in his first solo show with Arcadia Gallery in SoHo. The artist''s paintings present unguarded and often awkward moments wrapped up in an aesthetically pleasing package of delightful perspectives, elaborate design, and harmonious color.

The Surreal, Unsettling Paintings of Kenne Grégoire, Hi

Kenne Grégoire, a painter often associated with the movement New Dutch Realism, moves between stilllife paintings and more surreal scenes that capture a humane sadness and other complex emotions, rendered in acrylics.

People – Kenne Grégoire

Kenne Gregoire paintings. Not available. Comediennes – 2013 – 35 x 25 cm – acryl op paneel – niet beschikbaar. Not available. Omhelzing – 2013 – 41 x 29 cm – olieverf op paneel – niet beschikbaar. Not available. Lachende Knarren – 2013 – 33 x 26 cm – olieverf op paneel – niet beschikbaar.

Narrative Painting Kenne Gregoire, Intimacy, 2011

Kenne Gregoire, Intimacy, 2011 Gregoire is a Dutch artist known for his still lives and images of Commedia Dell’Arte, but probably best known for this painting of a couple embracing across a table. Gregoire’s use of perspective is intriguing, often giving us multiple viewpoints in the same picture.

190 idee su KENNE GREGOIRE nel 2021, natura morta,

Kenne Gregoire, 1951, New realism Painter / Sculptor Kenne Gregoire has studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam from 1967 to 1973. In 1973 he won the Silver Prix de Rome. At the invitation of the Italian Ministry of Culture in 1976 he made a study trip to Italy.

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