outer god nyarla

outer god nyarla

外神 奈亚拉()XYZ怪兽 游戏王进阶平台

英文名 Outer God Nyarla 属性 地 Earth 卡片种族 恶魔 Fiend 悪魔 星数/阶级 4 卡片种类 XYZ怪兽 MonsterXyz エクシーズモンスター 卡片密码

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Nyarla came to Earth from the Outer World as a Chaos God, leaving behind their fellow Elder Gods in pursuit of fun in the human realm. At first, they enjoyed their time by driving humans to madness and playing sadistic tricks.

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Card Tips:Outer Entity Nyarla. This card''s ability to customize its Type, Attribute, and Rank makes it very versatile when combined with " RankUpMagic " cards (especially " Astral Force ") as well as " Xyz Shift ". You can discard 1 card to make this Rank 5 in order to Xyz Summon " Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger " or " Number 21: Frozen

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