plectranthus purple underside

plectranthus purple underside

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Plectranthus verticillatus Image – Flickr/ uacescomm Known as the money plant, it is a species native to Southeast Africa that reaches a height of 10 to 30cm, and with an extension of up to 60cm. Its leaves are serrated, rounded, and measure between 64

Purple Plectranthus Plant, Free Shipping

The Purple Plectranthus Plant has round, graygreen leaves and a purple underbelly. It can be made bushy by pinching back new growth frequently. Purple Swedish Ivy is great for window boxes, planters, and hanging baskets, as well as for a striking ground cover or trellis climber!

Plectranthus Velvet Elvis Garden Express

Plectranthus Velvet Elvis 75mm Pot. Plectranthus Velvet Elvis (Plectranthus saccatus) has stunning dark green leaves covered with fine purple hairs and a nearly black on the underside of the leaf. From Summer to Autumn blue to lilac flower spikes appear to add even more interest to this delightful shade dwelling plant.

Sweet peas and plectranthus add colour to a country

Plectranthus Mona Lavender is more upright with mauve flowers and deep green leaves with a purple underside. It will grow to 6070cm high and wide and suits tubs.

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plectranthus ''Easy Gold'' ''Easy Gold'' is a sprawling, evergreen perennial grown as a bedding plant or under glass. It has rounded leaves, dark redpurple on the underside, yellow with green veins and a green central splash on the upperside. Spikes of small, tubular, twolipped, pale purple flowers can be produced from spring to autumn

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