meso stilbene dibromide msds

meso stilbene dibromide msds

Material Safety Data Sheet

MSDS# Section 1 Chemical Product and Company Identification MSDS Name: 1,2Dibromo1,2diphenylethane, 96% Catalog Numbers: AC, AC, AC, AC Synonyms: Stilbene dibromide; meso1,2Dibromo1,2diphenylethane Company Identification: Acros Organics BVBA Janssen Pharmaceuticalaan 3a 2440 Geel, Belgium

1,2Dibromo1,2diphenylethane, CAS#:,

Section 1 Chemical Product MSDS Name:1 2Dibromo1 2diphenylethane 96% Material Safety Data Sheet Synonym:Stilbene dibromide; meso1,2Dibromo1,2diphenylethan

meso1,2Dibromo1,2diphenylethane ≥97%,

Is Stilbene dibromide, Product , optically active Generally, chiral molecules are optically active, rotating polarized light. Meso compounds, such as , are unique in that there are chiral carbons in the molecule yet they are not optically active. meso1,2Dibromo1,2diphenylethane has chiral carbons that are virtually identical but the arrangement of the groups on this carbon are

meso1,2Dibromo1,2diphenylethane, CAS

SDS & Certificate of Analysis meso1,2Dibromo1,2diphenylethane is used to study the reaction of ± and mesoSBr2 with 9substituted fluorenide ions in dimethyl sulfoxide.

Meso1,2Dibromo1,2diphenylethane, C14H12Br2

meso1,2Dibromo1,2diphenylethane. mesoStilbene Dibromide. [(1R,2S)1,2dibromo2phenylethyl]benzene. CHEMBL


SAFETY DATA SHEET Creation Date 02Feb2015 Revision Date 30May2019 Revision Number 3 1. Identification Product Name transStilbene Cat No. : AC; AC; AC; AC CASNo Synonyms trans1,1`(1,2Ethenediyl)bis(benzene) Recommended Use Laboratory chemicals. Uses advised against Food, drug, pesticide or biocidal product use.

Meso1,2Dibromo1,2diphenylethane, SigmaAldrich

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Stilbene, SigmaAldrich

The Nterminal 40kDa domain is located in the cytoplasm and acts as an attachment site for the red cell skeleton by binding ankyrin. The glycosylated Cterminal membraneassociated domain contains 1214 membrane spanning segments and carries out the stilbene disulphonatesensitive exchange transport of

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