pokemon platinum defog

pokemon platinum defog

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146 Defog (Japanese: きりばらい Fog Wipe) is a nondamaging Flyingtype move

Where can I find the HM defog Pokemon Platinum

Accepted Answer. Solaceon Ruins (Head to the right of town, and then head to the very last set of ledges. Jump down three times until you are near a tree). Finally, to get HM Defog, go down this path from the beginning: First Room: Upper Right Stairs. Second Room: Lower Left Stairs. Third Room: Upper Right Stairs. Fourth Room: Upper Left Stairs.

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Defog also clears foggy weather in battle (which causes Accuracy loss when present), however this weather condition is only present in Sinnoh (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum) and cannot be created in battle otherwise.

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Defog is a Flying type move introduced in Generation IV. It is HM05 in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. The only way to be able use this in the field is by defeating the relevant Gym Leader; Crasher Wake DP or Fantina Pt.

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Defog cannot be used outside of battle without the Fen Badge in Diamond and Pearl and the Relic Badge in Platinum Defog can be used to clear foggy areas (fog will return upon leaving and reentering the area). So far only Sinnoh has experienced foggy weather.

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This AttackDex is for Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver. If you''re looking for the Generation VI Attackdex, Click here. It reduces the foe''s evasion stat. It also removes spikes, light screens, etc.

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In Pokémon Platinum, the tower is now foggy on the higher levels. As a result, Trainers will need to use Defog to be able to receive the Cleanse Tag

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Defog lowers the target''s Evasion by 1 and never misses unless the target is out of reach, such as through Fly or Dig It also removes the effects of Mist, Safeguard, Reflect, and Light Screen from the target''s side of the battlefield, as well as all entry hazards (Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rock, and Sticky Web) from both sides of the battle.

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