ritambhara prajna sadhguru

ritambhara prajna sadhguru

The Magic of Sound – Mantra & Yantra, Sadhguru on

Sadhguru speaks about a lesser known dimension of perception – Ritambhara Pragna, which allows one to experience the relationship between sound and corresponding form. He also offers methods with which we can work towards establishing oneself in Ritambhara Pragna.

Lesson 10

Ritambhara Prajna When consciousness dwells in absolute true knowledge, this is ritambhara prajna. Direct spiritual perception dawns. It is absolute true knowledge All samskaras are left behind and new ones are prevented from sprouting’

Spirituality – Sadhguru Wisdom

And suddenly everything in my experience, my physical body, the rock on which I''m sitting, the mountains, the lake, everything became sound. What was all form became everything into sound. Now that sounds crazy. When everything becomes sound, we call such a status Ritambhara Prajna. When you''re in a Ritambhara state, everything becomes sound.

Sadhgurus mystical experience in the Himalayas –

Let me try to bring a little experience to you. This was many years ago. At that time I used to travel alone in Himalayas. But now traveling alone is impossible. If I go, I have a full 10 bus loads of people with me. So I went to Kedar. Beyond Kedar there’s a place called Kanti Sarovar. Anybody been to Kedar Nobody. Okay, that’s good. Beyond Kedar there’s a place called Kanti Sarovar

Swami Satchidananda Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

This is ritambhara prajna, or the absolute true consciousness. This special truth is totally different from knowledge gained by hearing, study of scripture or inference. The impression produced by this samadhi wipes out all other impressions. When even this impression is wiped out, every impression is totally wiped out and there is nirbija

Mysticism – Sadhguru Wisdom

Synopsis: In this talk, Sadhguru tells is about the occult sciences. This dark art, is not always lifenegative. Occult can be of the highest order. Sadhguru says, occult means a certain capability, a certain technology so in some way, every Guru is an occultist. That way, technology is

Short Talks – Sadhguru Wisdom

Sadhguru: Once there was a sufi master. His name was Ibrahim. In Ibrahim''s ashram there were many people. One day, two disciples met in his garden, in the garden of the ashram. Both were little frustrated and both of them said, I wish we could smoke. They want to smoke, but they''re in an ashram. So then they talked about it for some time and

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