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Decide model aviation: you€ll want to avoid these

PIOSEE Model. A variation of this acronym is PIOSEE, this is basically the same model using some slightly different wording. Here it is spelt out: P is for what is Problem. I is for what Information do we have. O is for what are our Options. S is for Select the best option. E is for Execute the best option. E is for Evaluate what you have done

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Safety, CRM, QA & Emergency Response Planning A wide ranging forum for issues facing Aviation Professionals and Academics. Piosse. Reply Subscribe . Thread Tools Search this Thread 1st Sep 2008, 16:58 #1 AI101 Piosee. It''s a simple decision making model: Problem Information Options Select Execute Evaluate Reply

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piosee. Flight Training. Decide model aviation: you’ll want to avoid these mistakes. August 10, 2021 August 24, 2021. Read More Decide model aviation: you’ll want to avoid these mistakes. Affiliate disclosure. THIS PAGE MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS THAT EARN THIS SITE A COMMISSION, AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU.

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In aviation we use several different acronyms for decision making models and in my airline we use PIOSEE. You can use that in life as well in order to achieve a larger goal. YOU can use this technique as well when it come to achieving your goals, no matter what they might be.

How Do Commercial Pilots Make Decisions

To try and prevent a rushed or inappropriate decision being made by the flight crew, they are taught to use a decision making tool which helps to provide structure and discipline to the process. These can take different forms, but two of the most popular are tDODAR and PIOSEE.

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Aviation, Regulation (EU) No 996/ of the European Parliament and the Council, and Statutory Instrument No. 460 of , safety investigations are in no case concerned with apportioning blame or liability. They are independent of, separate from and without prejudice to any judicial or administrative proceedings to apportion blame or liability.

What Do We Do Now Decision Making on the Flight Deck

In the flight deck, however, rushed or illthoughtthrough decisions are simply not an option. In an era in which almost 80% of accidents can be traced back to human error, poor judgement and poor decision making consistently rank in the top five causes of fatal airline accidents. Commercial pilots are trained to use ‘decisionmaking models’.

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Le PIOSEE insiste plus sur la prise d''information avant de faire une liste d''option. Choisissez celui qui vous convient le mieux. C''est la compagnie aérienne qui choisit la méthode pour ses pilotes. Lors de mon MCC j''ai appris le DODAR, alors qu''en compagnie j''utilise le PIOSEE

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