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informal US. An exclamation shouted in a game by the first of a group of people who spots a motor vehicle with only one working headlight, this person being entitled variously to kiss or hit the others.

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A game played while in a vehicle. ''Padiddle'' is said when another vehicle is spotted that has only a single headlight. The person/people who didn''t say padiddle must remove one article of clothing. ~A pair of shoes generally count as one article. ~Rules can be changed to include motorcycles, bicycles, etc. ~Word can be changed, so as to throw people off.

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pediddle: A car with one front headlight that has blown out or been smashed or does not work for some other reason. Example: I got a ticket on my way over here because my car is a pediddle. The cops didn''t believe me when I said I didn''t know already.

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Padiddle wasn’t originally a pointbased family game, though. It was a way for young lovebirds who were driving around town to exchange kisses. Instead of

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A car with only one working headlight. Coined by writer/actor/comedian Rich Hall. A pediddel is often mistaken for a motorbike. Recently it has become more common to spell it pediddle, as popularized by the pediddle game where you shout the word if you spot a car with one working headlight.

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